Our expert staff will advise you on the best size for your application.

Cores are available on either a 76mm normal core or a 39mm extended core diameter, as well as a 102 mm, 140mm and 180mm core on our Handy rolls with lengths depending on your unique individual requirements. We can manufacture from a 50mm to 1250mm width, with lengths from 100mm to 5000mm. Our micron ranges from a 9 micron to 150 micron. We manufacture Clear, Black and any Custom Colour required.



Transparent for visual product identification and barcode reading.


To protect the contents for security purposes and ensure products that are light sensitive are protected.

Other colours

For product and destination identification.
Why choose pallet wrap?

Trustworthy Technology.
Keeping us ahead of the competition.

Supreme Clarity. Ensuring easy barcode scanning.


Imported virgin raw materials combined with the use of strengthening additives result in our rolls having more strength, puncture resistance and stretch properties than our competitors.


We are so confident about the quality of our products that we will gladly perform a free demo for you at your premises any time.

Superior Strength & Stretch

Cover more product with your money. Guaranteed stretch of 300% on the length of every roll.

Money back on Cores.

We purchase your undamaged normal cores.

Quality Products

Imported virgin raw materials combined with strengthening additives and our 24/7 online QC guarantee the quality of all our procucts.

100% Recyclable.

All Wizard pallet wrap is 100% recyclable, which means nothing goes to waste and supports our environment.

Excellent cling.

You are assured of maximum strength and adhesion when wrapping your products. Wizard pallet wrap strongly adheres to itself for extended periods of time.


We deliver within the Gauteng region. Orders over R4000.00 excl. VAT are delivered free of charge. Collections can be arranged at our factory in Waltloo, Pretoria. Our factory is geared to maximize flexibility and cater for every customers specific product needs.

Supreme Clarity.

The purity of our virgin raw materials ensures our film is of the highest quality, meeting customer requirements in terms of clarity and opaqueness.

Unlimited Sizes & Colours.

Our roll sizes range from 50mm to 1250mm wide, 9 micron to 150 micron thick and 100mm to 5000mm long

Refrigeration Friendly

Our pallet wrap is fridge and deep freeze friendly.

Our pallet wrap is available in:

Our Versatile Product Range.

We manufacture Pallet wrap in clear, black and colour, as
well as Shrink wrap, Tubing and Sheeting.
We can manufacture to customer specifications as well as
the industry standard sizes, on either a normal core or
extended core.

Our customer base spans many industries including FMCG, logistics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, construction, motor, electrical, and chemical as well as many others.

WIDTH: 50mm - 1250mm
THICKNESS: 9micron - 150micron
LENGTH: 100m - 5000m
NORMAL CORE: 76mm (Machine use and Hand use)
EXTENDED CORE: 39mm (Hand use)

Meet our range of Colours.

As well as any Custom Colour required.

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