Manufacture and Delivery of stretch Wrap and shrink wrap


Stretch Pallet Wraps

WIZARD has manufactured stretch wrap (also known as cling wrap, pallet wrap, or plastic wrap) for well over 20 years. We deliver free within a 100 km radius of our factory in Pretoria east.

The 3 pillars of our business are

1) Quality products

2) Competitive pricing

3) Excellent service.

These are all backed up by our annual customer survey which shows:

Product. 84% of our customers rate our product as excellent. (Quality)
Pricing.  80% of our customers agree our pricing is below competitors. (Pricing)
Service. 95% of our customers rate our service 7/10 and above. (Service)

We also manufacture Shrink wrap as well as Black stretch wrap.

To suit our customers we manufacture to their specifications (roll width, thickness, and length, normal or extended core) and deliver free of charge.

Our customer base spans many industries including FMCG, logistics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, construction, motor, electrical, and chemical as well as many others.

Come join our happy customer base !!

If you want reliable, on time, quality stretch or shrink wrap, please give us a call on 012 803 7911/ 7750 

Alternatively, place an order via email at


Our Products Range from...

WIDTH: 50mm - 1300mm
THICKNESS: 9micron - 50micron
LENGTH: 100m - 2800m
NORMAL CORE: 76mm (Machine use)
EXTENDED CORE: 39mm (Hand use)

Colours available:

How is stretch wrap produced?

What to look for in Stretch Wrap Suppliers

If you are looking for a stretch wrap supplier, do a google search using the above and you will find a number of international companies giving advice on what to ask potential pallet wrap suppliers. Seven questions come up consistently.

Here they are, listed in order of importance and answered by WIZARD:

  • How long have they been manufacturing pallet wrap? (The longer the better.)
    Been manufacturing pallet and shrink wrap for well over 20 years.

  • How consistent is the quality of product and service, as well as performance (stretch and adhesion)?
    High quality raw materials and 24/7 production and quality control means excellent product quality and consistency.

  • Can you manufacture custom sizes to our specific needs? |  YES.

  • Can they offer telephonic support? | YES.

  • Is your product compliant in terms of length, width and thickness? |  ALWAYS.

  • Do you guarantee supply over high demand months? | YES.

Product and Service Testimonials

“Wizard Polyethylene have supplied us for over 15 years. The quality of their product is second to none as is their service.”

“We have used Wizard as our stretch wrap supplier for many years. We have tried other manufacturers in the market but find only Wizard delivers consistent product and service.”

“Consistent and always available. Wizard Polyethylene always make sure that our product is delivered on time and of the highest quality.” 

“Great product, great service. We couldn’t be happier with the Wizard team!”